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Neptune Computer Technology
Distributor of Apacer, AOpen and BenQ Computer Parts and Peripherals
Neptune Computer Technology web site , 2005 brochure detailing products, partnerships, location map and contact information.
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Landwealth/Unishire Hathaway Financing Company, Inc.
Investment Houses, members of the Holy Gardens Group of Companies
Landwealth/Unishire Financing Co., Inc. web site , 2004 brochure detailing mission, history, products, a letter of invitation, rates table in Excel and contact information.
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Katok Magic Car Repair
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Specialist and Pioneer in the Philippines
Katok Magic Car Repair web site , 2003 brochure detailing results of the speedy (1-3 hours!) PDR with numerous clear photos, contact information and location map.
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Holy Gardens Memorial Park
A group of twelve (12) memorial parks and cemeteries all over the Philippines, from La Union, Pangasinan, Antipolo, Taguig, Taytay, Angono, Morong, Laguna and Batangas in Luzon to Iloilo and Bacolod in Visayas and South Cotabato in Mindanao.
HGMP web site , 2002
...provides online services for buyers, bereaved family and friends, lot owners, agents, investors and walk-in registrants.
FEATURES. Garden Locator. Obituary Search. Lot Search. Marketplace Search. Death Anniversaries for the Week. Birthdays for the Week. News. Testimonials. Promos. Direct Mail. Direct Page. PRODUCTS. Garden Tour. Amenities. Lot Types, Interment Service Option (ISO). Bereavement Packages. Value Interment Package (VIP). Price Inquiry. Lot Inquiry. BEREAVED. Obituary and Condolonces. Schedule of Interment. OWNERS. Payment Tracking. Lot Usage. AGENTS. Prices. Inquiry List. Client Directory, Client Birthdays. Agent Birthdays. INVESTORS. Financial Reports. MARKETPLACE. List Ads. Post Ads. Manage Ads. PROFILE. Contact Us. About Us. Mission Statement. Message from the President. Annual Reports. Calendar of Events.
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HGMP Lot Inventory System Log In Page   HGMP Lot Inventory System Home Page , 2003
Lot Inventory System
...keeps a huge depository of complete information on lots by park and provides instant retrieval of any desired information on any specified lot or group of lots. Information includes lot ID, ownership, lot usage and corresponding documents.
REPORTS. Quick List of Owned Lots. List of Owned Lots. List of Lots by Park. List of Lot Usage.
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...within-the-office network accessed through browsers 
Limkaco, Inc.
Designer and Manufacturer of Custom-Made Signages
Interchange Log In Page   Interchange Home Page
Accounting System , 2005
Orders and Sales Monitoring
...keeps track of job orders and their fulfillment.
DOCUMENTS. Quotations, Delivery Receipts and Invoices are generated on pre-printed forms.
REPORTS. Document Searches and Lists. Trace Order Status. Monthly Orders Summary. Monthly Sales Summary. Monthly Sales Rankings. Annual Gross Income/Total Sales Report. Annual Summary of Rebate Slips.
Accounts Receivable
...monitors customer collections and credit standing.
DOCUMENTS. Debit and Credit Memos are printed on ordinary paper.
REPORTS. Monthly List of Collections. Statement of Account/Customer Ledger. A/R Summary List. Aging Summary of A/R.
Cash Disbursement
...closely keeps track of expenses and cash-in-bank accounts related to the company's cash outflow.
DOCUMENTS. Check Vouchers are printed on ordinary paper.
REPORTS. Document Searches and Lists. Purchases Ledger. Purchases History. Cash Disbursement Journal. Cash Disbursement Summary. Annual Summary of Cash Dsibursments.
Accounts Payable
...monitors supplier payments.
REPORTS. Supplier Ledger. List of Payables.
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Interchange Transport Service Corporation
Trucking Service Provider
Interchange Log In Page   Interchange Home Page
Accounts Receivable and Related Office Management System (ARROMS) , 2004
Office Management
...keeps track of driver/helper trip earnings, trip allowances of helpers against cash releases to custodian, trip allowance and waybill booklet usages of helpers and the cost of keeping all trucks and chassis in working condition.
REPORTS. Driver/Helper Pay Slip. Custodian Subsidiary Ledger (Trip Allowances). Monthly Helper Trip Allowance Usage Report. Monthly Waybill Booklet Usage Report. Truck Maintenance Report. Chassis Maintenance Report.
Accounts Receivable
...monitors both charges to and collections from customers.
DOCUMENTS. Statement of Charges are generated on pre-printed forms.
REPORTS. Report on Leased-Out Chassis. Chassis Inventory Report. List of Incomplete Trips. List of Completed but Unbilled Trips. Summary of Outstanding Trip Report. Monthly Collection Report. Monthly Schedule of Statement of Charges. Statement of Account / Subsidiary Ledger.
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Laogan Technologies
Distributor of Computer Parts and Accessories
Laogan Log In Page   Laogan Home Page
Accounting System , 2003
Inventory and Purchases
...keeps track of the Quantity-On-Hand/QOH Less Expected Sales/QOH Plus Incoming Purchases of products for sale at any time. The worth of the company total inventory is computed bv applying First-In-first-Out (FIFO), Latest and Previous Costs on the QOH. Lot Nos. of purchases are used to confirm legitimate returns.
DOCUMENTS. Purchase Orders and Adjustments are generated on half-sheets.
REPORTS. Supplier Directory. Courier Directory. Product Catalog. List of Incoming Inventory. Monthly Purchases Report. Stock Card. Monthly Inventory List. Monthly Inventory Costing Report.
Sales and Returns
...keeps track of orders--reserved and pending; deliveries; sales--monthly, daily and annual; rankings--customer, supplier, product and category; and supplier and customer returns.
DOCUMENTS. Sales Orders, Sales Acknowledgements, Customer Return Merchandise Authorization, Delivery Receipts and Supplier Return Merchandise Authorization are generated on half-sheets.
REPORTS. Customer Directory. Customer Profile. List of Outstanding Reserved Orders. List of Outstanding Pending Orders. Daily Delivery by Driver. Monthly Sales Report. Daily Sales Summary. Annual Sales Summary. Annual Sales Rankings. Annual List of Customer Returns and Status. Annual List of Supplier Returns and Status.
Accounts and Income
...Accounts Receivable closely monitors customer payment history, aging of unpaid sales, checks maturing for the day and total amount owed to the company any time. Accounts Payable, likewise, keeps track of the amount owed by the company to each individyal supplier and their sum total any time. Income is determined as total sales profit less operating expenses plus additional income for the month.
DOCUMENTS. Provisional Receipts, Vouchers, Debit and Credit Memos are generated on half-sheets.
REPORTS. List of Customers by Collection Day. Daily List of Matured Checks. Statement of Accounts. Customer Ledger. Monthly Aging Summary. List of Payables by Supplier. Monthly List of Expenses. Monthly Sales Profitability and Income Report. Monthly Accounting Summary.
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Unique Auto Car Specialist Company
Car Repair Shop
Unique Log In Page   Unique Home Page
Auto Shop Management System , 2003
Production Monitoring and Inventory
...monitors incoming and outgoing units; materials, parts and labor consumption; production; materials and parts quantity levels and prices, the latter establishing production costs. It employs the Latest Cost costing method.
DOCUMENTS. Estimates are generated on pre-printed forms.
REPORTS. Incoming Units Logbook. Estimates List. List of Purchases. List of Outgoing Units. Purchase History. Production Report by Unit/Employee. Consumption Report by Unit. Stock Card. Inventory List by Class and Categories.
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...classic software of earlier technologies 
Victoria Manufacturing Corporation
Fabric Processor
Victoria Manuacturing Corporation
Inventory System , 1990
...closely monitors quantity levels in kilograms and peso values, exclusive of VAT, of chemicals and dyestuffs used in the various stages of processing (dyeing, finishing and calendering) clothing materials. The First In, First Out (FIFO) pricing method is used.
REPORTS. Monthly Purchases Report by Source (local or indented). Monthly Consumption Report. Monthly Inventory Report. Shortages Report. Stock Card.
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Interchange Transport Service Corp.
Trucking Service Provider
Interchange Transport Service Corp.
Payroll System , 1992
...automatically calculates weekly payroll of truck drivers based on rates specified on the Statement of Charges.
DOCUMENTS. Weekly Payslip. Government forms.
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Trust Glory Multisales Center
Supplier of Electrical Materials
Trust Glory Multisales Center
Accounts Receivable System , 1993
...closely monitors outstanding balances of customers, including those with pre-paid accounts. It also keeps track of salesman and customer sales-and-collection performance.
REPORTS. Counter Receipts. Statement of Account with Aging Analysis. Monthly Summary of Accounts with Aging Summary. Monthly List of Postdated Checks Received. Total Sales/Summary Sales/Total Collectible Sales/Summary Collectible Sales by Salesman Report. Summary of Annual Sales by Customer/Salesman.
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Ambassador International, Inc.
Supplier of Building Materials and Auto Parts
Ambassador International, Inc.
Accounts Receivable System , 1994
...closely monitors outstanding balances of customers. It also keeps track of account executive, customer and collector sales-and-collection performance.
REPORTS. Statement of Account. Customer Ledger. Monthly Aging of A/R. Monthly Summary of A/R by Customer. Monthly Sales Report/Summary by Customer/Account Executive. Monthly Aging of Collection by Customer/Account Executive. Total Collectible Sales Report by Account Executive. Daily PDC Remittance Report. Daily List of Matured PDC's.
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Microbase Incorporated
Computer Hardware Re-seller and Service Center
Microbase Incorporated
Inventory and Sales Monitoring System , 1994, 1991
...closely monitors quantity levels and peso values of all products for sale. The Average Costing method is consistently employed in keeping track of the acquisition cost. It further determines sales and sales commissions generated from such inventory. It also keeps track of both vendor and client warranty on purchased and sold products.
REPORTS. Product Inquiry. List of Pending Orders. List of Pending Sales. Inventory List. Reorder Report. Stock Card. Monthly Sales Profitability Report. Monthly Inventory Status. Consumption Summary by Catalog No. Monthly Purchases Summary by Vendor. Purchases Summary by Catalog No. Sales Report/Summary by Client/Account Executive. Monthly Sales Report. Monthly Sales Commission by Account Executive. Annual Sales Summary by Client/Account Executive. Vendor Warranty Inquiry. Client Warranty Inquiry. List of Vendor Warranty. List of Client Warranty.
Client Monitoring System , 1994
...allows efficient management of the client database with several layers of access rights. It clearly identifies clients and prospects of respective account executives, avoiding usual territorial disputes.
DOCUMENTS. Mailing and gift labels are generated on standard sticker labels.
REPORTS. Client Directory. Mailing List. Gift List.
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Doortech System
Manufacturer and Importer of Door Systems
Doortech System website/online ad   WebAD
Project and Sales Monitoring System , 1997
...keeps track of the progress of salesmen in turning prospects into customers. It also monitors the quantity and amount of products and accessories sold.
DOCUMENTS. Quotation, Project Proposal, Sales Order, Delivery Receipt, Invoice and Computation Forms are generated on pre-printed forms while Mailing List Labels on standard sticker labels.
REPORTS. Monthly Sales/Sales Orders/Undelivered Orders Report by Product/Sales Manager. Monthly Sales/Sales Orders Summary by Sales Manager.
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Unique Auto Car Specialist Company
Car Repair Shop
Unique Auto Car Specialist Company
Payroll System , 2003
...automatically calculates bi-monthly payroll of monthly employees based on latest Philippine labor laws and SSS, PhilHealth and tax tables.
REPORTS. SSS, PHIC, Pag-Ibig and Tax Tables. Employee Masterlist. Semi-Monthly Payroll. Pay Period Summary Report. Monthly Payroll Summary. Monthly Contributions Summary. Quarterly HDMF Premium Collection List. Quarterly SSS Contributions Collection List. Quarterly PHIC Remittance Report. Quarterly Contributions Summary. Annual Payslip List. Annual Withholding Tax Collection Report. Annual Tax Exemption List. Annual Tax Adjustment List. Annual Summary Report.
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