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Cheers to Open Source Software!
We develop milestone solutions, applications that make an impact and last, specifically for your business. The lifespan of our applications follows the lifespan of your business because
  • We make your business our business. We keep your business practices secret, guard your databases from unauthorized access and prepare off-site back-ups for disaster recovery.
  • We provide continuous support. We make your applications work as designed, we modify when necessary and we upgrade when obsolete.
  • We keep applications simple.We continue to adhere to our basic design principle--elegance and efficiency in simplicity.
  • We grow together. Today, we deliver the promise of Open Source Technologies on both the internet and the intranet. We now develop customized applications that run in an environment powered by Open Source Software. Our clients need not pay licensing fees ever for the operating system of their server, their web server and their relational database management system. Instead, they can concentrate on investing where it matters--their own suite of applications software.
My Industry. My Business. My Solutions.
"Since nothing is constant in business except change, it is obvious that complete corporate information systems are not available as an off-the-shelf item, but instead must be designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a particular company."--Your Computer
"Software is a service industry laboring under the delusion that it is a manufacturing industry."--Eric Raymond
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