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Who are we?
We are a global network of professionals who collaborate to develop the best solutions according to your specifications, for on-time delivery.
  • We have a stable of talented and qualified professionals. Most have two decades of professional experience. All are passionate of their respective field. A few have masteral degrees and technical certifications, and the rest, piles of learning certificates.
  • We have a core of two persons who coordinate with you and assemble the necessary team for a particular project. Both have combined expertise on software development, current hardware options and common business practices.
  • We collaborate seamlessly. The ties of the majority date back to high school and college. We use e-mail, text, chat and conventional/cell/internet phone to effectively communicate with each other.
We have the perfect array of talents
  • businessmen, accountants ...those who understand business, managerial issues and accounting intricacies;
  • graphics and flash designers ...those who pursue elusive Beauty for its own sake, putting in peril a dispensable ear or two;
  • hardware specialists ...those who breathe life, breed harmony and brave the wired wilderness among digital beasts;
  • software developers ...those who create order from chaos and piece together basic blocks to develop complex functional systems;
  • writers ...those who tame the Written Word, using the least number for the most effect.
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  "In the elder days of Art
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     Each minute and unseen part;
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